Best jewellery Design Courses in Jaipur

Diploma in Jewellery Design is an art that combines knowledge of jewellery design and manufacturing various jewellery products. Some of the special skills are also taught to students such as electroplating, metal colouring, enamelling, and stone setting.

The course will include everything from drawing, mould making, brainstorming, and making techniques. This course helps applicants to master their fundamentals of CAD. 

Students enrolled in the course are taught to:

  • Assess material, develop aesthetic skills and work around craftsmanship skills
  • Learn marketing and management skills
  • Develop skills, design and development of unique jewellery pieces.

Diploma holders can work in job areas such as Garments and Design Firms, Colleges and Universities, Precious Stones Consultancies, Model Making Jobs, Gem Wholesaling Units, Jewellery Houses, Jewellery Designing Companies, Cultural & Arts Jobs.

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