This is a special shortcode to create testimonial carousel and place anywhere within the page. Can be placed with column too. To start with follow the steps bellow

1. Find menu “Testimonias” bellow “pages” and “comments”.
2. Add few Testimonials.
3. Open the page and place your cursor where you want the testimonials carusel to be placed.
4. Add the testimonial shortcode and you are done.

The result will be :

The Faculty at Zest Institute of fashion & Technology is supportive and experienced. The institute is well equipped. I always wanted to become a fashion designer, with the efforts and promise of ZIFT & NEC to provide us placement opportunities. I believe I can be a fashion designer too. Enrolling for this course at Zest Institute proved to be the right decision.Meenakshi SainStudent, Fashion Design 2 Yr Diploma
I always wanted to be a fashion designer, but did not believe I could become but with the constant support and guidance provided here at  Zest Institute of Fashion & Technology my belief strengthened. Our subject teacher taught us new designs everyday ranging from embroidery, gotta patti to jewellery design and garment construction. I now feel that my father’s efforts to enroll me in this course paid off.Rajendra VermaStudent, Fashion Design 2 Yr Diploma
I enrolled for fashion design course at Zest Institute of Fashion & Technology instead of going to to college and I can say with confidence that it was right decision. MY learning experience was great and I feel I can start my business with my father.Dimpal SwamiStudent, Fashion Design 2 Yr Diploma


The code will look like :

[tx_testimonial style="default"]

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